Sustainable Development Staff

Coconut Creek Government Center
4800 West Copans Road
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

W. Scott StoudenmireDirector of Sustainable Development
Justin ProffittAssistant Director of Sustainable Development
Liz AguiarPrincipal Planner
Linda WhitmanSenior Planner
Michael RighettiSenior Project Manager
Natacha JosiahPlanner
Dan NelsonCommunity Enhancement Manager
Amy EdwardsDevelopment Review Specialist
Aleesha KorthZoning Officer
Valencia MasseyBusiness Process Analyst
Sharon VollmerUrban Forester
Denise SteckoAdministrative Assistant

Schedule Inspections by calling 954-973-6752

Code Compliance Inspections Requirements

1. Required On-Site Posting: On the back of or next to the main entrance door, or on the refrigerator, there shall be provided as a single page the following information:

  • The name, address and phone number of the designated responsible party for the vacation rental;
  • The days of trash pickup and recycling;
  • A copy of this ordinance or directions on where a copy of this ordinance may be accessed on the internet or physically within the unit.

2. Parking and Property Condition.
All vehicles must be parked in compliance with City Code and property must be free of garbage and litter.

3. Swimming pool, spa and hot tub safety. A swimming pool, spa or hot tub shall comply with the current standards of the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, Chapter 515, Florida Statutes.

4. Evacuation Map (Residences with 3 or more floors only). On the third floor above ground level and on each and every higher floor there shall be posted, next to the interior door of each bedroom, a legible copy of the building evacuation map - Minimum eight and one-half (8½) inches by eleven (11) inches in size.

Fire Inspections Requirements

  1. Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection and notification system. If an interconnected and hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection and notification system is not in place within the vacation rental unit, then an interconnected, hard-wired smoke alarm and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm system shall be required to be installed and maintained on a continuing basis consistent with the requirements of Section R314, Smoke Alarms, and Section R315, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, of the Florida Building Code-Residential.

  2. Fire extinguisher. A portable, multi-purpose dry chemical 2A:10B:C fire extinguisher shall be installed, inspected and maintained in accordance with NFPA 10 on each floor/level of the unit. The extinguisher(s) shall be installed on the wall in an open common area or in an enclosed space with appropriate markings visibly showing the location.

  3. Hard-wired emergency lighting of primary means of egress. Hard-wired emergency lighting shall be installed that provides illumination automatically in the event of any interruption of normal lighting for a period of not less than one and one-half (1.5) hours to illuminate the means of egress.

  4. Emergency egress and maintenance. Halls, entrances and stairways within a vacation rental shall be clean and ventilated. Hall and stair runners shall be kept in good condition. Rails shall be installed on all stairways and around all porches and steps.