Effective April 24, 2019, the Median Family Income for Ft. Lauderdale HMFA (Broward) is $68,600. Accordingly, the maximum allowable income based on household size, may not exceed*

Household SizeGroup 1
30% AMI and Lower
Group 2
31% to 50% AMI
Group 3
51% to 80% AMI1
2$20,200 $33,700 $53,900
3$22,750 $37,900 $60,650
4$25,750 $42,100 $67,350
5$30,170 $45,500 $72,750
6$34,590 $48,850 $78,150
7$39,010 $52,250 $83,550
8$43,430 $55,600 $88,950

How to Read This Chart
Your household income cannot exceed the income identified in the last column of the above table. The Program counts total household income regardless of who is purchasing the property. Gross income is used to determine eligibility. Assets and income earned from assets are also evaluated for income calculation. Sources of income include W2 wages, 1099 income, self-employment income, social security, SSI, pensions, child support, reoccurring deposits, etc. All income sources must be disclosed on your application. All income sources will be verified by a third-party. The program does not look at what you made the previous year. The current household income is used to project forward 12 months to determine your program eligibility. Households in Group 3 are eligible for up to $30,000 in assistance. Households in Groups 1 and 2 are eligible for up to $40,000 in assistance. Funding may not be available for all income categories listed.

*Established by Federal Guidelines – Subject to Change