ePermits is the City of Coconut Creek's online permit submittal portal. The following are easy-to-follow instructions on how to submit your permit electronically. It is a convenient 10-step process.

ePermits Enrollment

Contractor registration is required prior to ePermits enrollment. The contractor registration form is available Contractor Registration Form. Once you complete the form please email it with the supporting documents as pdf attachments to ebuilding@coconutcreek.net

Once registered go to CoconutCreek.net > EPermits

Click on Not enrolled? Sign up now at the bottom of the page to create a password using your registered email address.

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

The first step is to save your documents on your computer (to upload later) using the file upload requirements. Each type of document must be saved as a separate file bearing the name of the type of document. When uploading product approvals, NOA's, etc. the full number from the cover page detailing which approval it is must be included in the label of your uploaded pdf and the cover page cannot be scanned separately from the engineered drawings.

Every permit need all applicable APPLICATION(S) and the application Addendum.

Note: Incomplete submittals will be rejected.

Step 2: Select Contractor

  • Upon signing in, you will be directed to select a contractor.
  • All contractors registered with this email address will appear.
  • Select the contractor for which you are submitting the permit.

Step 3: Select Qualifier

  • All qualifiers associated with the selected contractor will appear.
  • Select the corresponding qualifier from the list.

Step 4: Click NEW Permit

Step 5: Select Location

Enter site address (Partial addresses are accepted.) Select the correct site address from the list of generated addresses.

Orange = required information.
Yellow = previously entered information.
Red = incomplete information.

Step 6: Enter Contact Information

  • Include the contact information for this permit.
  • Enter NEW property owner, if applicable. (Include proof of ownership with uploaded documents).
  • Enter Tenant Name, if applicable. (Include owner authorization with uploaded documents).

Step 7: Select Type of Permit

  • Select permit type and enter the work description.
  • Enter construction cost in whole dollars (no decimals).
  • Include contract with uploaded documents, if applicable.
  • Permit requirements - Ensure you have all required information and documents for submittal.

Step 8: Select Sub-contractor

  • Select the discipline of the sub-contractor.
  • Select contractor from generated list of registered contractors.
  • After entering all sub-contractors, click the No Additional Subcontractors button.
    *NO sub-contractors? Click No Additional Subcontractors.

Step 9: Signature

  • Enter your signature by typing your full name preceded and followed by the forward slash (/) symbol.
    Example: /Jane Doe/

Step 10: Upload Permit Documents

You are now ready to upload files for the application. Your submittal will not transmit until the files have been uploaded.

If you have not prepared your documents, review the file upload requirements listed below:

  • Files are to be uploaded right side up in .pdf* format ONLY.
  • Permit applications are to be uploaded one application per file
  • The name of each file should include which application and/or what the document is. Use numbers to distinguish between multiple applications for the same discipline
  • Architectural/Engineering plans should be digitally signed and sealed.
  • Roofing packets, Product Approvals, Notice of Acceptance (NOA’s) and the like to be uploaded as one multi-sheet file per document type. NOA's/Product Approvals must be labeled with the number form the cover sheet
  • Architect/Engineer plans are to be uploaded one sheet per file. Each sheet needs to have the digital

    signature/seal of the architect or engineer

Click Upload Files - Select the documents you saved.

Click Add Documents - When all the documents are listed, click All docs have been attached.

You're Done!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your application for has been sent. An email with a temporary permit number and an upload link for this permit has been emailed to you. Please read and save that email for your records. You will need it to make any corrections or revisions regarding this permit.

Thank you!

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