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The City of Coconut Creek sits centrally within the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach tri-county area. This is Florida’s most populous region with a combined population of 5.6 million people that offers endless opportunities for new businesses. Major transportation routes from Coconut Creek: Florida's Turnpike, Sawgrass Expressway, and I-95 – which link quickly to Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. 

Coconut Creek was selected as one of the Top 100 places to live in the United States, as determined by Money magazine.

Why Coconut Creek?

DESIRABLE: Coconut Creek is the Butterfly Capital of the World® and one of the most environmentally-aware cities in Florida. Incorporated in 1967, the City has grown into a vibrant, beautiful community of spacious parks, greenway trails, cutting-edge industry, award-winning schools, and thriving commerce. 

PROGRESSIVE: Coconut Creek is widely recognized for its progressiveness with strong commitments in environmental preservation and the desire for sustainable, green construction. Our leadership was recognized by the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association (FAPA) with an Award of Excellence in Planning for the City’s “MainStreet Design Standards” downtown project. MainStreet is in the heart of City and will be a town center unlike any other with a mix of office, retail, residential, resort, and greenspace. All of which will be located within LEED® certified construction. 

PARTNER: The City has a dedicated team to assist businesses. From planning to permits to financial assistance, the City is your partner. The City has a streamlined approval process, provides electronic review, and maintains a supportive working relationship every step of the way, including a flexible business promotion program. Additionally, there are opportunities to become a member of the Coconut Creek Chamber of Commerce and to take advantage of cooperative relationships between state, regional, and local organizations. 

RECOGNIZED:  The City was the first in the State of Florida and eleventh in the USA to be certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, the first in Florida to receive the Audubon Green Community Award by Audubon International, and has been certified, for the 20th year, as Tree City USA™. 

SUSTAINABLE: The City is committed to balance business growth and resources so not to cause an overall burden on the environment. As a partner, the City will assist businesses in reducing their impact on the environment by encouraging energy conservation, increasing recycling efforts, and providing steps for businesses to be profitable while environmentally responsible. Our effort is to attract business, industry, and employment that are forward thinking and match the City’s identity as a “green” city. Together, we can have a profound impact on our environment. 

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MainStreet - Our Future Downtown

MainStreet is the City's future downtown plan located in the center of the City, which presents new development opportunities as well as new business opportunities.  Read more about MainStreet here.

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The City of Coconut Creek provides incentives for priority economic development projects and coordinates incentive packages with county, state and federal agencies. City staff reviews potential projects for eligibility. For projects with a significant positive impact on area wage and employment levels, the City will consider offering a customized incentive package that may include cash benefits, reduced and/or waiver of certain fees, and expedited permitting.

City of Coconut Creek Business Incentive Programs

The City of Coconut Creek has adopted an Economic Development Incentive Program for targeted priority business areas in an effort to aid the local business community.  The Program includes a Commercial Rehabilitation Program.  Grant applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, through July 31.  For more information on eligibility for program funds and application requirements, click on the links below or call 954-973-6756.

City of Coconut Creek Job Growth Incentive (JG)

The City of Coconut Creek offers Job Growth (JG) incentives to target businesses and industries for relocating, establishing new and expanding target industries and businesses in Coconut Creek. The amount of incentives shall be decided on a case by case basis by the City Commission based on fund availability, proposed use of funds, specified award criteria and other considerations deemed appropriate by the City Commission.

Target businesses and industries receiving Job Growth incentive funds will also be encouraged to apply for job training for each new qualified job created. Customized job training classes will be provided for eligible existing and new employees through Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Broward College, Atlantic Vocational Technical Center or another Quick Response Training provider designated by the City.   

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) provide a source of long-term, sub-prime market financing of capital requirements for relocating or expanding manufacturing and tax exempt 501(c)3 facilities. IRBs are securities that may be issued by the City of Coconut Creek for the purpose of financing the capital costs of private and not-for-profit projects. Although the bonds are considered special obligations of a government unit and therefore exempt from federal income tax on the interest, the bonds are not backed by the faith and credit of the City. The private borrower is responsible for the debt and must provide adequate security and guarantees the bond. Several examples of capital costs that can be financed are land acquisition and construction costs, the acquisition of a building, as well as machinery and equipment.

For detailed information regarding incentives that may be available through the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Alliance and the Florida Department of Revenue, read more here.

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