Project Summary

The City of Coconut Creek, in partnership with the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department, is undertaking a visioning initiative to create a common vision for Hillsboro Boulevard.

As part of this initiative the City has retained Dorsky + Yue International Architects as a consultant who will create a Vision Plan for the corridor. This Vision Plan shall not only focus on economic development along the corridor, but also showcase the existing environmental preserve areas along and around Hillsboro Boulevard.

The Hillsboro Boulevard Corridor Visioning is a collaborative planning process initiated by the City in partnership with the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department and is not a developer driven initiative for a site specific development. Several natural areas along the Hillsboro Boulevard Corridor are owned by the County and shall remain preserved for perpetuity. However, some other properties along the corridor suffer from high vacancy rates, or are under developed or remain undeveloped for speculative purposes.

Through this initiative, the City is seeking input from the community for a shared vision for future development along Hillsboro Boulevard. This vision would identify community values, such as but not limited to, our pride in the natural areas, City's trail system, safety and beautification of multi-modal opportunities along the corridor, etc. Other discussion items for this shared vision include design elements such as architecture style for the built environment along the entire corridor.

The consultant will gather input from property owners who own property along Hillsboro Boulevard, property owners around Hillsboro Boulevard who might be affected by the redevelopment, and citizens of the City, including the elected and appointed officials. The Vision Plan for the corridor will be based on sound planning principles utilizing the feedback provided by the community during these public workshops.

For more information please call 954-973-6756.