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pic 1 atemoya

Annona squamosa x cherimola

Atemoyas are small to medium size trees growing to about twenty-five to thirty feet at maturity with about the same spread.  The branches are typically drooping with the lowest touching the ground.  Leaves are deciduous and leathery with long-stalked, triangular, yellow flowers that bloom, along with new growth, in the spring following a winter dormancy period.  The fruit usually begin maturing in late August through the end of October.   

pic 2 mamey

Mamey Sapote
Pouteria sapota

The Mamey Sapote is a tall and highly ornamental evergreen tree that may grow to a height of about 40 feet.  It grows into an open tree with a thick central trunk, and leaves that are lighter green or brownish, clustered at the ends of the small branches.  The small, perfect, whitish flowers are produced abundantly along small branches and tend to cluster towards the ends of the stems.  The fruit is a berry with thick and woody skin and a russet brown, somewhat scruffy surface. 

pic 3 lagerstoemia

Queen’s Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia speciosa
A profusion of large, three-inch wide, brightpink to lavender blooms appear in dense, foot-long,terminal panicles from June to July, making Queen’sCrape-Myrtle a spectacular specimen or street tree.This large, upright rounded, deciduous tree is clothedwith 12-inch-long, dark green, oblong, leathery leaveswhich turn attractively red before falling in winter.

pic 4 cinnamon

Cinnamon bark
Canella winterana

Cinnamon bark, also known as Wild cinnamon, is a large evergreen shrub or small tree native of Florida.  Purple and white showy flowers cover the tree in summer and fall followed by bright red berries clustered near the tips of its branches.  The trunk grows straight up the center of the canopy and develops thin branches that grow to no more than about 4 feet long.

pic 5 casasia

Casasia clusiifolia
This evergreen shrub or small tree has beautiful, glossy, leathery foliage with clusters of white, pink-tipped flowers that emerge in the spring and early summer; the flowers have a heavy, sweet fragrance.  The fruits are green when they first appear and gradually turn to large lemon-shaped yellow fruits, which turn black and wrinkled.  The inside of the ripened fruit is edible but is filled with many seeds that are not edible.

pic 6 geiger

White Geiger
Cordia boissieri

White Geiger is a native North American evergreen tree which reaches 15-20 feet in height with a 10 to 15-foot spread. The silvery green leaves have a velvety texture and the showy, white flowers appear year-round, if enough rainfall or irrigation is available.  Otherwise, the three-inch-wide, trumpet-shaped, white blossoms with yellow throats will appear from late spring to early summer. The olive-like, white fruits which are produced have a sweet flesh relished by birds and other wildlife.