Why Not Glass?

Due to the lack of local glass recycling facilities, glass is no longer part of our recycling program. Our recycling processor has made the financial decision to landfill glass.

Glass recycling was the second highest expense to our recycling program.  The City's contractor charges around $125/ton to process glass

Why Not Mixed Paper/Mixed Plastics?

Recently, China began limiting imports on recycling.  Prior to these new restrictions, 27% of US recycling went to China.  Currently, China is only accepting 3% of US recycling.

Low grade mixed paper and mixed plastic now have little value due to the glut of material on the world market.  Much of it gets landfilled.

Why Not Newspaper?

As more people use the internet for information, the use of newspaper has declined greatly in recent years. The reduction in volume has created a situation where there not any markets for the material in the SE US.

Acceptable Items:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs such as milk, soda, water, detergent and shampoo containers.
  • Cardboard boxes such as those used for shipping.  
  • Empty aluminum and steel cans.
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