The City of Coconut Creek provides free transportation, the Butterfly Express trolley service which services passengers along the Lyons Road corridor from Windmill Park in South Coconut Creek to NW 74th Street in North Coconut Creek and the Community Bus service which provides a North and a South bus routes. Please check the appropriate route schedule that best suits your transportation needs.

Q. Is there a charge for the Community Bus service?
No. However riders making connections with BCT or the City of Margate Community Bus Service routes are expected to pay the exact fare.

Q. Do you have to be a Coconut Creek resident to ride the bus free of charge?
No. Anyone can ride the bus free of charge.

Q. Are there bike racks on the Community Buses?
Yes. Racks are designed to carry two bikes only.  It is important to have the operator’s attention before loading and unloading your bike.  Be sure to have your bicycle ready to load as the bus approaches. Remove any loose items from your bicycle.

Q. Can children ride the bus alone?
Children under the age of twelve (12) years will not be allowed to ride the Coconut Creek Community Bus without adult supervision, defined as eighteen (18) years old and up. Children riding the bus will be required to show their school ID.

Q.How can you access the northbound buses from the Township?
The Community Bus North Route and Northbound Butterfly Express can be accessed from the Township in the following ways:

  • Take the South Route Bus and transfer to the North Route Bus at several stops along Sample Road.
  • Take the South Route Bus and transfer to Northbound Butterfly Express on Lyons Road at NW 22 Street.
  • Take the North Route Bus directly at the Bus Stop located by the Walgreens on Sample Road just west of NW 42nd Ave.
  • Take the Northbound Butterfly Express directly at any one of four (4) locations on Lyons Road between Copans Road and Sample Road:
    1. Bus Stop just south of Township Circle on Lyons Road
    2. Bus Stop just north of NW 30th Street on Lyons Road
    3. Bus Stop just north of NW 34th Street on Lyons Road
    4. Bus Stop just north of the entrance to Veterans Park on Lyons Road

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