Creek Star 2020

Do you think you can sing? Maybe you know of a local Coconut Creek resident who's been hiding an incredible talent and they just need an opportunity to showcase it! Welcome to Creek Star, the annual Coconut Creek singing competition. This year, Creek Star will be virtual!

Creek Star will pit local Coconut Creek residents against each other for the chance to win! Final judging is completely different this year, taking the audience's vote into account! A panel of judges, as well as an at home fan vote, will determine the winners of the 2020-2021 version of Creek Star! So tell any resident you know that they have a chance to win the competition!

Online fan judging will be active from February 6th until February 11th
Winners will be announced on Friday, February 12th

Oh and don't forget the prizes! The top 3 winners will receive a trophy and a gift card to a local Coconut Creek business!

Selection to Second Round

After submitting your registration, a top 8 will be selected to perform in person at the Recreation Complex! The performance will be recorded and will be posted via our website and social media pages for an at home fan vote! A panel of judges will score the contestants as well. Both the judge scoring and fan vote will determine the winners of Creek Star.

*Videos that were provided during the registration period will be used as marketing material to promote the final round and gain public interest. All videos submitted to will be the property of the City of Coconut Creek and may or may not be used for public consumption.

How to Register

To register for Creek Star, please submit the following information to

  • Name, Age, Interests, Your Inspiration
  • Video Submission of Singing Performance
  • Please submit video file through WeTransfer if file is too large to send directly

Video submission deadline is January 14, 2021