Park Locations, Hours & Features

Effective Thursday, March 19th all parks will be closed until further notice. All passive areas such as walkways and greenways will remain open.  We appreciate your understanding and support of a healthy community.

To learn more about the park, click on the link. Smaller parks do not have a site.

1. Coco Point Park
Location: 4870 NW 6 Street
Amenities: Playground

2. Community Center
Location 1100 Lyons Road
Amenities: Basketball court, boat dock, fitness center, jog/walk path, picnic area, playground

3. Cypress Park
Location: 2465 NW 49 Terrace
Amenities: Jog/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, playground, volleyball courts

4. Donaldson Park/Rowe Center
Location: 900 NW 43 Avenue
Amenities: Boat ramp/dock, jog/walk path, pavilion, picnic area, playground, volleyball court

5. George S. Gerber Park
Location: 4715 NW 30 Street
Amenities: Athletic fields, basketball courts, job/walk path, playground, volleyball courts

6. Golden Raintree Park
Location: 2200 Lyons Road
Amenities: Playground

7. Hosford Park
Location: 4422 Coconut Creek Blvd.
Amenities: Athletic field, basketball court, job/walk park, playground

8. Lakeside Park
Location: 555 Regency Lakes Blvd.
Amenities: Athletic field, picnic area, playground

9. Lakewood Park
Location: 4966 NW 10 Street
Amenities: Playground

10. Pond Apple Park
Location: 4440 NW 22 Road
Amenities: Playground, picnic area, racquetball court

11. Recreation Complex
Location: 4455 Sol Press Blvd
Amenities: Athletic fields, basketball court, fitness center, fitness apparatus, job/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, playground, volleyball court

12. Sabal Pines Park
Location: 5005 NW 39 Ave
Amenities: Athletic field, dog path, hockey rink, jog/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, picnic area, playground area, tennis courts

13. Sunshine Drive
Location: 346 Sunshine Drive
Amenities: Playground, racquetball court

14. Township Estate Park
Location: 2140 NW 40 Avenue
Amenities: Playground

15. Veterans Park
Location 3550 Lyons Road
Amenities: Jog/walk path

16. Windmill Park
Location: 700 Lyons Road
Amenities: Basketball court, dog park, jog/walk path, playground, racquetball court, tennis courts, volleyball court

17. Winston Park
Location: 5201 NW 49 Ave
Amenities: Basketball court, jog/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, picnic area, playground, racquetball court, tennis court, volleyball court

18. Oak Trails
Location: 4230 NW 74 Street
Amenities: Fitness apparatus, jog/nature path, nature preserve, picnic area

Greenway Trails

A. Coral Tree - 3800 Lyons Road
Distance: 0.21 miles

B. Hilton Road - 5100 Hilton Road
Distance: 0.28 miles

C. Long Pine North - 5551 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Distance: 0.18 miles

D. Long Pine South - 6901 Lyons Road
Distance: 0.68 miles

E. MainStreet - 4800 Wiles Road
Distance: 0.38 miles

F. Pinecreek - 5101 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Distance: 0.25 miles

G. Whispering Pines

H. Whispering Trails - 3844 NW 42 Avenue
Distance: 0.38 miles

I. Country Lakes - 6800 NW 39 Ave