To learn more about the park, click on the link. Smaller parks do not have a site.

1. Coco Point Park
Location: 4870 NW 6 Street
Amenities: Playground

2. Community Center
Location 1100 Lyons Road
Amenities: Basketball court, boat dock, fitness center, jog/walk path, picnic area, playground

3. Cypress Park
Location: 2465 NW 49 Terrace
Amenities: Jog/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, playground, volleyball courts

4. Donaldson Park/Rowe Center
Location: 900 NW 43 Avenue
Amenities: Boat ramp/dock, jog/walk path, pavilion, picnic area, playground, volleyball court

5. George S. Gerber Park
Location: 4715 NW 30 Street
Amenities: Athletic fields, basketball courts, job/walk path, playground, volleyball courts

6. Golden Raintree Park
Location: 2200 Lyons Road
Amenities: Playground

7. Hosford Park
Location: 4422 Coconut Creek Blvd.
Amenities: Athletic field, basketball court, job/walk park, playground

8. Lakeside Park
Location: 555 Regency Lakes Blvd.
Amenities: Athletic field, picnic area, playground

9. Lakewood Park
Location: 4966 NW 10 Street
Amenities: Playground

10. Pond Apple Park
Location: 4440 NW 22 Road
Amenities: Playground, picnic area, racquetball court

11. Recreation Complex
Location: 4455 Sol Press Blvd
Amenities: Athletic fields, basketball court, fitness center, fitness apparatus, job/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, playground, volleyball court

12. Sabal Pines Park
Location: 5005 NW 39 Ave
Amenities: Athletic field, dog path, hockey rink, jog/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, picnic area, playground area, tennis courts

13. Sunshine Drive
Location: 346 Sunshine Drive
Amenities: Playground, racquetball court

14. Township Estate Park
Location: 2140 NW 40 Avenue
Amenities: Playground

15. Veterans Park
Location 3550 Lyons Road
Amenities: Jog/walk path

16. Windmill Park
Location: 700 Lyons Road
Amenities: Basketball court, dog park, jog/walk path, playground, racquetball court, tennis courts, volleyball court

17. Winston Park
Location: 5201 NW 49 Ave
Amenities: Basketball court, jog/walk path, nature preserve, pavilion, picnic area, playground, racquetball court, tennis court, volleyball court

18. Oak Trails
Location: 4230 NW 74 Street
Amenities: Fitness apparatus, jog/nature path, nature preserve, picnic area

Greenway Trails

A. Coral Tree - 3800 Lyons Road
Distance: 0.21 miles

B. Hilton Road - 5100 Hilton Road
Distance: 0.28 miles

C. Long Pine North - 5551 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Distance: 0.18 miles

D. Long Pine South - 6901 Lyons Road
Distance: 0.68 miles

E. MainStreet - 4800 Wiles Road
Distance: 0.38 miles

F. Pinecreek - 5101 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Distance: 0.25 miles

G. Whispering Pines

H. Whispering Trails - 3844 NW 42 Avenue
Distance: 0.38 miles

I. Country Lakes - 6800 NW 39 Ave