Update on Geese Relocation from Sabal Pines Park

by Yvonne Lopez | Jun 05, 2019
Update on Egyptian Geese
The City of Coconut Creek has canceled the contract for the relocation of the non-native Egyptian Geese from the sports fields and sidewalks at Sabal Pines Park. We are currently assessing a number of options for natural removal, including flashing lights, balloons, pinwheels, shiny objects, and noise deterrents. We are in the process of producing signs for the park that provide education on the negative impacts of feeding wildlife. The signs will also identify the existing code compliance fines which can be up to $500 per incident.
We are still receiving comments regarding residents working on their own, or with agencies to round up the geese and ducks at Sabal Pines Park to send to privately-owned property. Please be assured that any such activity is not sanctioned by the City.
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The City of Coconut Creek hired a company to relocate close to 100 non-native, exotic, invasive Egyptian Geese found at Sabal Pines Park to mitigate the amount of feces on the sidewalks and on the sports fields in order to eliminate health risks to our residents.
In addition, the City was not/is not trapping Muscovy or Mallard ducks and did not hire anyone to trap or euthanize any birds this past November - as mentioned on social media.