Copans Road Mobility Improvements Project

by Yvonne Lopez | Mar 28, 2019

Copans Road Mobility Improvements Project

•Widening, resurfacing and restriping the roadway to accommodate 5-foot designated bike lanes and two 11-foot through lanes in each direction
•Installing curb and gutter along the outside lanes at the approaches to intersections and at bus stops
•Upgrading and modifying pedestrian curb ramps and crosswalks to meet ADA requirements including handrails, guide rails, and detectable warning pads

•Access to properties will be maintained at all times
•One 11-foot lane in each direction will be maintained throughout the project, with lane closures allowed Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 3 PM or overnight between
7 PM and 6 AM
•Additional information about lane closures will be provided in the weekly traffic report distributed by FDOT

The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is investing over $300 million to create safer, healthier communities in Broward. This project is one of many within a larger plan to create enhanced bicycle, pedestrian, and public transportation access throughout the Broward region. The Broward MPO is a federally-mandated agency that is responsible for making decisions on local transportation issues and deciding how to spend federal funds on transportation projects within Broward. For more information about the Broward MPO, please visit:

Anticipated Completion: Summer 2019