Heads Up: Turnpike Expansion, Landfill

by Yvonne Lopez | Jan 12, 2022

 Heads Up Creek

Turnpike Expansion

The Florida's Turnpike engineering team is preparing plans to widen the Turnpike adjacent to Coconut Creek.  These plans may be of particular concern to you, residents of Coconut Creek, because we anticipate the alternative preferred by the Turnpike will involve widening entirely to the west, impacting all of the properties along the east boundary of our City.  Construction and widening of the Turnpike will cause increased noise, vibrations and pollutants.

Please email Turnpike Project Manager at jazlyn.heywood@dot.state.fl.us and tell her how the Turnpike expansion in Coconut Creek will impact your home, your family, your neighbors, your health, and your quality of life.

For further details, please visit the project website. 

Landfill (Monarch Hill)

The Broward County Commission took the first step towards allowing Waste Management to expand the landfill at their December 7, 2021 meeting. Both Coconut Creek and Deerfield city representatives spoke out aggressively in opposition to this action. The next step, which is critical, is a review by the Broward County Planning Council. We will need to explain in detail to the members of this group the ongoing concerns related to the landfill and the reasons the landfill should not be expanded. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 24, 2022. 

The landfill has significant environmental and contamination issues. Expansion would only exacerbate these matters.   

Please keep posted here or on City social media sites.

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