Heads Up: Turnpike Expansion, Landfill

by Yvonne Lopez | Nov 09, 2021

 Heads Up Creek

Turnpike Expansion

Florida's Turnpike engineering team is preparing for a January 18, 2022 (virtual) and January 19, 2022 (in-person) Public Information Meeting to discuss their plans to widen the Turnpike.  These plans may be of particular concern to you, residents of Coconut Creek, because we anticipate the alternative preferred by the Turnpike will involve widening entirely to the west, impacting all of the properties along the east boundary of our City.  The plans are not complete, but we wanted to give you a heads up.  You will have the opportunity to review the plans and express your concerns.  We understand that the live meeting is to be scheduled in Davie, however, the City has not received official notice of this meeting.  Please watch your City News highlights and stayed tuned for the most current information.  We may need to rally the troops!

Landfill (Monarch Hill)

The Broward County Commission is once again considering an action that would allow Waste Management’s expansion of the landfill, ironically referred to as Monarch Hill, at their December 7th Commission meeting.   The County Commission is considering  the first step in changing the land use of the area that was formally the active waste- to-energy plant.  The piece of property under consideration has historically been permitted under the Power Plant Siting Act with the rare designation that allows the area to be used for power generation. 

Please contact Broward County Commissioners and ask that they deny the application outright.  It is clear that Waste Management intends to once again expand the landfill.  This expansion would precede Broward County’s comprehensive plan for waste disposal. This should be of major concern to every city in Broward County. The landfill has significant environmental and contamination issues.  Expansion only exacerbates these matters.  Importantly, approval of this application will limit future options for the Solid Waste Working Group (representatives from Broward’s 31 cities).

Please do not support land-filling over more innovative ways to tackle waste disposal.