Uncover Broward County Amendment Two

by Yvonne Lopez | Sep 24, 2020

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Mayor Sarbone's video message here.

On November 3rd, Broward County Amendment Two proposes to remove Coconut Creek’s authority over zoning, land use, permitting standards, landscaping, and architectural designs on County transportation facilities located in our City.  

While it is important to have transportation facilities in our community, should County facilities located inside Coconut Creek be built according to the County’s zoning requirements or to the City’s zoning and design standards?

If Broward County Amendment 2 passes on November 3rd, the County’s regulations will govern. If Amendment 2 fails, the City’s regulations will govern.  

Our Community. Our Choice.

On the ballot, Broward County is proposing to place the information below:  


“To facilitate implementation of surtax-funded improvements to the countywide transportation system, shall the Broward County Charter be amended to provide that County ordinances regulating the development, including zoning, permitting, construction, operation, or administration, of transportation improvement projects that are (1) on County-owned or County-leased property and (2) funded in whole or in part with proceeds from the transportation surtax approved by the County’s voters in 2018, prevail over conflicting Municipal ordinances?” 

YES ____________

NO _____________

FINANCIAL IMPACT STATEMENT: It is estimated that this amendment will have no financial impact to Broward County.

These educational materials are paid for by the City of Coconut Creek.


  • When was this ballot question decided on?

    On August 20, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners by a 6-3 vote, adopted Resolution 2020-361, which placed a proposed amendment to Section 11.01 of the County Charter on the ballot for voter consideration at the November 3, 2020 election.

  • Where can I view the proposed resolution approved by Broward County?

    The resolution is available for your review here.

  • What is Home Rule?

    The power of a local town, city or county to set up its own system of governance and pass local ordinances effective within its jurisdictional boundaries

  • Could the amendment impact the Coconut Creek's Home Rule?

    This amendment has the potential to impact Coconut Creek's Home Rule authority by superseding the City's rules and regulations as it relates to land use, permitting, construction, architectural and landscaping of certain County transportation improvement projects within the City.

  • How will this impact municipalities?

    Should this amendment pass, Broward County will have the authority to bypass local municipal land use, permitting and construction processes for certain transportation projects within municipal boundaries. While the County has said they will discuss plans with the impacted municipality, if they do not come to an agreement, the County will have the authority to move forward with the project without municipal approval.

  • Where will the improvement projects take place?

    The County’s authority will prevail over Coconut Creek's rules on County-owned or leased property located within the our City as well as future properties purchased or leased by the County for transportation purposes.

  • What is a Surtax?

    A surtax is generally assessed to fund a specific government program, whereas regular income or sales taxes are used to fund a variety of programs. A surtax can be calculated as a percentage of a certain amount of it can be a flat dollar amount.

  • How are these projects being funded?

    Expenses for transportation improvement projects will be funded with the thirty-year Regional Transportation System Sales Surtax (the “Transportation Surtax”) one percent surtax that was approved by voters in 2018.

  • What does “local zoning and land use policy” in Coconut Creek entail?

    In Broward County, while some aspects of growth management and land use are governed by State or County laws, municipal zoning and land development regulations provide the critical “fine tuning” necessary to protect existing resources and neighborhoods from undue impacts and to ensure that new development is consistent with locally established goals and policies.  Resources that require special protection at the municipal level may include historic or cultural sites, recreation areas, open spaces and wildlife habitats.  Municipal ordinances to protect or enhance specific local resources may include special architectural overlay districts and infrastructure requirements to maintain the integrity of scenic corridors and trail systems.  Local ordinances of this type typically require extensive public outreach efforts in order to achieve consensus on the policy goal and the funding necessary for implementation. 

  • Why should this matter to me?
    The City of Coconut Creek has predefined land use, construction, and permitting requirements to ensure that infrastructures are built and maintained according to the City's standards.