The City will embrace growth while maintaining its small-town welcoming feeling and atmosphere. The MainStreet project will include shopping, dining, and cultural activities and will be a destination location, serving as a central gathering place for the community. The City will support a vibrant and healthy business economy with a mix of commercial businesses that are unique and diverse. The housing mix will have options for multi-generational buyers and renters.

Smart Growth means:

  • Equitable access to City services, amenities, and information for all neighborhoods
  • Encouraging an inclusive, equitable community that embraces diversity
  • Preserving character-defining features that make Coconut Creek unique
  • Reducing the impacts of our built environment on the natural environment
  • Encouraging the development of quality and affordable housing options for residents of all income levels
  • Maintaining our unique character and sense of place
  • Requiring adequate public facilities and infrastructure to serve existing development and new growth
  • Thriving and growing local, unique, and creative businesses
  • Connecting and developing qualified workers with employers by aligning education and workforce resources to create opportunities for upward career and wage mobility
  • Maintaining the City’s position as a strong regional center with cultural, natural and community amenities
  • Encouraging investment and innovation to enable local businesses to start, sustain and renew through the use of technology


We will be innovative and have a vibrant economy as we attract new businesses and support existing businesses. We will celebrate diversity and inclusion, promote equality of opportunity, and have respect for everyone. Residents in Coconut Creek will have access to a system of parks, greenways and open space located throughout the city that connects neighborhoods and satisfies public recreation needs. We will have access to a broad range of quality housing that is safe, accessible, and affordable.

Strategic Goals

  1. Continue to support a mix of housing (apartments, condos, single family, townhomes)
  2. Complete the MainStreet project
  3. Protect the small town feeling and look
  4. Enhance technological connectivity