Safety and Quality of Life

The City will continue to prioritize a high level of safety and proactive community policing and fire rescue services. The City will provide a wide range of diverse and inclusive recreational and cultural programming to community members. The City will continue to support the safety, health and well-being of residents, business owners and visitors.

Having a safe community with a high quality of life means:

  • Enforcement of laws to address behaviors that affect neighborhood quality
  • Providing residents with opportunities to live healthy, safe, and active lifestyles
  • Ensuring the legacy of parks, trails, natural areas, and cultural and recreational facilities for future generations
  • Enhancing equitable access to cultural and recreation service offerings and facilities
  • Providing a wide variety of high-quality recreation services and cultural opportunities
  • Working with partner agencies to ensure the well-being of the community through behavioral and mental health services
  • Creating an interconnected regional and local trail network of parks and accessible recreational facilities
  • A safe and welcoming City in which to live, work, learn and play
  • Proactive and skilled police and fire rescue services
  • Safe, reliable, and best practice floodplain management
  • An active emergency management system focused on prevention, preparedness and recovery with key partnerships in place to effectively respond to emergency situations
  • Mitigating risks posed by hazards to businesses and property


We will have safe neighborhoods that provide affordable housing opportunities. Residents and visitors will learn about, be inspired by, and enjoy our community’s arts, cultural, and recreational opportunities. Residents will actively participate in citizen involvement opportunities.

Strategic Goals

  1. Promote arts, culture and entertainment across the City
  2. Enhance community health, safety and well-being
  3. Continue to be a leader in community policing
  4. Provide outstanding local emergency preparedness and response