High Performance Government

The City will be fiscally responsible, responsive, innovative, and strategic, with experienced, professional staff who are customer service focused. Communication will be transparent and tailored to meet the needs of the diverse community.

A high performing government includes:

  • Effective and efficient local governance where all community voices are valued
  • Fiscal sustainability and transparency
  • A collaborative and community-based approach to problem solving
  • Core processes that are consistently used across the organization
  • An organizational culture of continuous improvement in all areas and a robust commitment to training
  • A data-driven approach, to effectively solve problems, creatively pursue opportunities for improvement and develop innovative solutions
  • A workforce of talented people who care deeply about public service and trust
  • City-wide strategies and standards for meaningful and inclusive involvement in governance and decision-making
  • Succession planning to ensure retention of institutional knowledge


Residents in Coconut Creek will reside in a welcoming and thriving community. Coconut Creek will be the regional place of choice and home to generations of families and cultures from all over the world and economic backgrounds. We will ensure a competitive tax rate and continued high quality of services.

Strategic Goals

  1. Proactively create collaborative communication
  2. Implement and update Vision 2030
  3. Continue to invest in, retain and develop high performing staff
  4. Seek all possible federal, state and local grant opportunities