Adaptable and Progressive Mobility

The City will plan for multimodal mobility options that are safe, accessible, dependable, technologically advanced, and well maintained.

Having adaptable and progressive mobility in the City means:

  • Vital and appealing transit-oriented activity centers and destinations throughout the City
  • Integrated land use and transportation planning and investments
  • Transportation facilities and networks that are reliable, affordable, efficient, connected and comfortable
  • Capacity and systems for effective traffic flow with minimal congestion
  • Technology that facilitate well-informed decisions
  • Growing and leveraging changing transportation technologies

Adaptable and Progressive Mobility Outcomes

We will have public transit that connects residents to their homes, work, schools, park facilities and commercial centers. We will effectively manage the increasing demands on our transportation system through the availability of transportation alternatives and access to public transportation.

Strategic Goals

  1. Expand safe and walkable/bikeable options across the community
  2. Plan for transportation technology
    • a. Charging stations
    • b. Ride-Share
    • c. Fiber optics
    • d. Transportation Aps
  3. Increase public transportation opportunities
  4. Invest in maintenance of all mobility systems