Coconut Creek restarted our 10-year strategic planning process, Vision 2030, which was paused last year due to the Covid pandemic. The mission was to get comments from residents and businesses alike. We obtained your thoughts, opinions, and aspirations on current City programs and services. Here's the result.

Backup Documents

Questions asked during Vision 2030

Police &
Fire Rescue

Our Police Department is CFA accredited and our Fire Department opens Fire Station #113 in October 2021.
Do you feel safe in our community?

Parks & Recreation

The City maintains over 167 acres of athletic fields and almost 14 acres of greenways.
What other amenities are on your wish list?

Community Outreach

We communicate with our residents and friends through social media, website, street banners, CocoNEWS, CocoGRAM, and CreekTV.
Are you connected?


Coconut Creek is an award-winning progressive, "green" City that continues to strive for eco-friendly development solutions.
How can we improve?

Economic Development

Booming businesses help energize communities. Coconut Creek supports a diverse and growing business community.
What type of businesses should we cultivate?

Arts & Culture

The Arts Fest and Cultures Around the World lectures highlight different world traditions and views.
How can we expand these programs?

Thank you for participating Creek family!