Updated March 26th
Broward Emergency Order 20-04 - Golf Courses, Marinas, Boat Launches
Broward County Emergency Order 20-03 March 26 2020 - Stay at Home

County updates on: parks, transit, libraries, marinas, pawn shops

County Administrator Bertha Henry issued Emergency Order 20-02 today, which temporarily closes County parks and implements schedule changes and activities to support social distancing for bus riders. The order also restates some provisions of Emergency Order 20-01 regarding essential businesses.

Broward County Parks – All parks operated by Broward County are closed to public access beginning at 12:01AM on Tuesday, March 24, until further notice. This includes regional, neighborhood and specialty parks; nature centers; and natural areas. C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines will remain open as a COVID-19 drive-through testing collection site until further notice. Parks employees will continue to report to work.

Broward County Transit (BCT) – Broward County asks that members of the public limit their use of bus and paratransit services to essential travel only, and that riders comply with the CDC recommendations for social distancing. BCT will also implement the following social distancing measures, until further notice:
Beginning Tuesday, March 24, customers will enter and exit the bus only via the rear doors, except for customers who require use of the wheelchair ramp, which will remain available at the front door.
Also beginning March 24, bus fare collections will be temporarily suspended on all bus service, including TOPS paratransit.

Beginning Saturday, March 28, BCT will operate a Saturday schedule daily, Monday through Saturday; Limited Stop (or “Breeze”) service will be eliminated, and Express buses will operate on 30 minute schedules. Sunday schedules will continue as they currently are.

Broward County Libraries – As a reminder, Broward County Libraries were closed to in-person public access at the close of business on March 19, until further notice. Libraries staff will continue to report to work.

The following provisions of Emergency Order 20-02 restate portions of Emergency Order 20-01 regarding essential and non-essential businesses.

Marinas and boat launches, docking, fueling, marine supply and other marina services – These continue to be identified as essential businesses, but only for limited operations, including: commercial fishing, law enforcement activities, to accommodate boats and ferries operating out of Port Everglades, to accommodate persons living aboard their vessels, persons returning to the U.S. from international voyages, and persons needing to remove their vessel from the water or perform emergency maintenance. This change was made primarily to curtail the continued social gatherings of large parties and groups at these facilities, contrary to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Pawn Shops - Excluded from the initial list of essential businesses, pawn shops are now included in the list of essential business, as they are deemed to provide an important financial resource to many residents, particularly during times of need. All other provisions of Emergency Order 20-01 remain in effect.

For the latest updates, visit FloridaHealth.gov, email COVID-19@flhealth.gov or call the Call Center at 954-357-9500. To learn what Broward County is doing, visit Broward.org/Coronavirus.

Residents and visitors are reminded to continue to follow health official recommendations for personal protection. Broward County remains under a local State of Emergency and the Broward Emergency Operations Center is at a Level 2 activation.

For the latest updates, visit FloridaHealth.gov, email COVID-19@flhealth.gov or call the COVID-19 Call Center at 954-357-9500. To learn what Broward County is doing, visit Broward.org/Coronavirus.

March 23rd

County Administrator Bertha Henry issued Emergency Order 20-01 today, closing all non-essential retail and commercial business locations in incorporated and unincorporated Broward County. The closure is to take effect at 12:01AM on Monday, March 23. View News Conference

The Emergency Order defines in detail which retail and commercial businesses are considered essential, and directed to remain open. They include, but are not limited to, healthcare providers and equipment suppliers, doctor’s offices and urgent care centers, mental health professionals, home health care service providers, grocery stores and pharmacies, businesses that provide food, shelter, social services and other necessities for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals, banks, gas stations and media.

Businesses that remain open are directed to implement health professional recommendations for social distancing and all other preventive measures as advised by local health professionals and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Nonessential businesses are directed to close, except to the extent necessary to perform “Minimum Basic Operations.” Minimum Basic Operations are defined as minimum activities necessary to maintain the value of inventory, preserve plant and equipment condition, ensure security, process the business’s own payroll and employee benefits, and facilitate the business’s own employees working remotely.

“The closure of non-essential businesses is a further step in community mitigation to increase containment of the COVID-19 virus in Broward County,” said Mayor Dale V.C. Holness in a news conference earlier tonight. “While these are incredibly painful steps to take with devastating short- and long-term impacts to our community, the potential impacts of COVID-19 on our residents and visitors are much more devastating. We must take every responsible action that we can to quickly mitigate the spread of this deadly virus.”

Emergency Order 20-01 is supplemental, in addition to Executive Orders issued by Governor Ron DeSantis and may be superseded by future Executive Orders from either the Governor or the President of the United States.

It also establishes minimum standards. Municipalities may impose more stringent standards within their jurisdictions, as several municipalities already have.

The County Administrator’s Emergency Order 20-01 will expire upon the expiration of the existing State of Local Emergency, unless terminated earlier by a subsequent Emergency Order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Call Center Handling Resident Questions About Testing

Beginning yesterday, Broward County partnered with the Florida Department of Health in Broward County to open a special telephone line to assist in answering public questions about COVID-19. Call takers can also conduct over-the-phone pre-screening for testing eligibility. The new number is 954-357-9500. The temporary COVID-19 call center will accept calls from 8AM to 8PM, 7 days a week.

For future updates on COVID-19, visit FloridaHealth.gov, email COVID-19@flhealth.gov or call the Coronavirus Hotline at 954-357-9500.

March 21st

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released new Executive Orders 70 and 71 yesterday regarding operations of certain businesses in Florida, including restaurants, bars, gyms and fitness centers. Counties and municipalities are required to implement, at a minimum, the provisions of the Governor’s Executive Orders. They may also choose to implement more stringent measures. NOTE: To date, there has been no directive by Broward County or the Governor to close non-essential businesses.

On Saturday, Broward County announced alternative means for residents to receive some County services, in lieu of face-to-face interactions in government facilities. This includes services such as animal adoptions and fosters, permits, auto tag renewals, document recording services, tax collections including property taxes, household hazardous waste recycling and water services payments for customers served by Broward County Water & Wastewater Services.

Other County operations, such as the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Port Everglades, Human Services agencies including Broward Addiction Recovery Center, Crisis Intervention and Family Success Centers, remain open to the public for onsite, face-to-face service during this critical time. However, the level of services available, including hours of operation, may change as the COVID-19 response evolves over the coming weeks. Updates will be posted on Broward.org/Coronavirus.

March 20th

Broward Commission to Hold Special Meeting, March 24th, 10 AM
The Broward County Board of County Commissioners will hold a Special Workshop on COVID-19 Tuesday, March 24th beginning at 10AM at the Governmental Center; 115 S. Andrews Avenue, Room 422, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Mayor Dale V.C. Holness called the meeting to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, emergency measures that have been taken, along with other measures that may be considered in an effort to control community spread of the virus. Commissioners will consider additional proactive measures to protect the lives, health, safety, and welfare of the County's residents and visitors. 

Note to Members of the Public and Media: To promote social distancing and avoid risk of additional community spread, this workshop will not be open to physical attendance by members of the public, the media, or general County staff.  Only County Commissioners and those County employees required to attend the event at the express direction of the County Administrator, County Attorney, or County Auditor may be physically present at the workshop.  All interested parties may view the workshop live via: https://vimeo.com/399158059, and on participating cable channels including Comcast, Advanced Communications, AT&T U-verse and Atlantic Broadband. Consistent with applicable law and the County's policy for workshops, no public participation will be allowed and no formal votes will be taken at the workshop

It has come to our attention that a social media post is circulating with a claim that representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are going to residences dressed in protective gear and conducting COVID-19 testing. This is untrue. The CDC is not visiting residents' homes. 

During these times, scammers are seeking opportunities to take advantage of consumers. We encourage you to be vigilant in identifying scams and review these helpful tips: 
- Scams can include social media posts, texts and websites meant to take your personal information and money and infect computers.
- Think twice before investing in companies who say they are working on a coronavirus cure. Check official sources like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before being lured into a scam.
- Be aware of fake fundraising. Verify the charity is legitimate. If someone wants donations in cash, gift card or by wiring money, don’t do it.
- Watch out for online marketing of vaccinations or products claiming to treat the virus.
- Do not click on unfamiliar links or emails. Phishing emails may mention the coronavirus, medical supplies or claim to be from government, national or local health organizations in order to get users to open the message that unleashes malware.
- Watch for emails claiming to be from the CDC or experts saying they have information about the virus.
- Be aware of entering personal information into websites.

If you see or experience something unusual or have a question about something you heard, you can call BSO's non-emergency line at 954-764-4357. In the event of an emergency, dial 911. 

Sheriff Gregory Tony and the men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to your safety and well-being. BSO will continue to monitor and address safety issues and concerns. For additional important information, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via our media alerts. 

General Updates:

Port Everglades is operational. We are focused on keeping the Port functioning efficiently so fuel and cargo can be delivered as quickly as possible.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is operational. There are some reductions in flights, especially on the international side, due to the airlines adjusting to less travelers. Because of decreased demand, FLL has suspended valet parking service. Employees will temporarily park in the Cypress Garage, eliminating the need to be shuttled to terminals.

Broward County Libraries will be closed to the public at the close of regular service hours on Thursday, March 19th. This will also be the last day customers can pick up holds or borrow books, digital tablets and other physical materials until the library reopens. The Library will not assess any fines for materials returned late as a result of the closure. Online services will still be available. Library staff will still report to their regular work locations. Check Broward.org/Library for updates.

The National Guard will soon deploy a team of nurses and medics to operate a COVID-19 testing location in Broward at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines. In order to prepare, both the park and the Broward County Transit Park & Ride lot at the park have been closed until further notice. Watch for details about the testing locations. BCT’s 95 Express customers are advised to use the Park & Ride lot at Ansin Sports Complex, 10801 Miramar Boulevard in Miramar, until further notice.NOTE: Only health care professionals, first responders, and residents age 65 and older who are symptomatic will be screened.

Distribution of computer devices for kids in need being supplied starting Friday, March 20th. Read more here.