Reading and following these instructions will make the e-Plan process more efficient.  We have developed a specific process for uploading documents to the e-Plan review which is outlined in the documentation below.  It is the applicants responsibility to read and follow these guidelines.  Failure to do so will result in a rejected application.  We encourage your input on the usefulness of the instructions provided.  Please send us your comments and suggestions to

Submit an Application

  1. Submission of an application should only be done if you have reviewed the above resources and have all documents ready for submittal in the suggested formats and file names.  Failure to follow the directions will result in a rejected application.

  2. Digital Signatures are being accepted by using Adobe Acrobat/Reader.  If you have not already set up a digital signature, please click here to view a tutorial on how to set one up.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can download the Reader for free (click here to download).

  3. Online Application is in two (2) parts, be sure to have everything ready for upload.  Again, failure to upload any documents will result in an incomplete application and will be automatically deleted from the computer.
    • Part 1 - Application Information
    • Part 2 - Upload Supporting Documents and Plans

  4. Click to begin the e-Plan Application Process
ePlan Button, takes you to online application

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